BhanuChandrabhanu is a graded artiste of All India Radio, a melodious carnatic singer and a classical dancer, who has performed in concerts all over South India and in programs on the radio and television.

Born in Tirunelveli, to Sri G. Venkata Rao and Smt. Lakshmi Bhaskaramma, Chandrabhanu started learning Carnatic music at a very young age. Her first guru was Smt. Avadaiammal, under whose tutelage she showed considerable talent and great promise. She gave her first vocal performance at the age of 11. She then continued her training under Classical musician, Sri MeenakshiSundara Bhagavatar in Tirunelveli and Smt. Nirmala Krishnan from Coimbatore. She was later groomed by Sri. Neti Sreerama Sarma, a voco-violinist and Staff Artist of AIR,Hyderabad. Chandrabhanu also underwent advanced training from Sri D. Seshachari, one of the renowned Hyderabad Brothers.

Chandrabhanu's voice captivates and enthralls her audience and the spirit of keertanas is reverberated as she renders them melodiously. Chandrabhanu enhances the lyrical beauty of the kritis and presents them meaningfully. Her soulful rendering of devotional songs is divine and transfixes her listeners.

Chandrabhanu is blessed with keen aesthetic sense and profound creative spirit. Her delineation of ragas is exemplary and she brings out the nuances of the raga in most pleasant manner displaying profound knowledge of all the aspects of the raga. Her command over the kalpanaswaras and the range of her voice over all the octaves is admirable. She has established a unique style marked by clear diction, impeccable patanthara(set pattern of singing compositions) and fluent expression of sangathis.

In her youth, Chandrabhanu was also a classical dancer and a Bharatanatyam exponent. She gave her first performance at the age of 12 and performed in various college events and in dance festivals, for about 10 years.

Academics always have been of top priority to Chandrabhanu. She has an M.A. in Music from Padmavati Mahila University, Tirupati where she was a topper of her batch and she also holds an M.A in English. She gives back to the society as a part-time lecturer in Andhra Mahila Sabha College of Fine Arts and Media Education, Hyderabad, where she is adored by her students.